Large Format 3D Printing

Sizes start at A3 and go up to 3M x 2M in one piece. Larger size can be formed together with many pieces. There is no limitation in quantities - we can start from 1 piece, although good prices can be achieved from 50 pieces or more. 

With the latest digital technology, we are able to produce lenticular posters of any kind for outdoor and indoor purposes. All the lenticular posters can be framed, laminated on rigid materials, have their own hanging systems, with Lightbox, etc. 

  • Tortoise
  • Dolphin
4M x 4M 3D Poster

We can also support your graphics department with the necessary knowledge, advising from finished design to mock-up before production.

3D Lenticular / Lightbox Display

  • Malay Dance
  • Indian Dance
Malay Dance

Full Size 3D Poster (1.6M x 1.2M) - Flip effect with 3 photos

Indian Dance


Billboard, Bus Shelter, Interior Decoration, Posters, Trade Show, Displays, Exhibition