3D Lenticular Picture / 3D Painting

A lenticular is an image that appears differently depending on how you look at it. If you’ve ever seen a postcard or movie poster that changes when you look at it from the left vs. the right, you’ve seen a lenticular.

Lenticulars usually require a special plastic sheet consisting of many tiny convex lenses, but we can make a super simple one with just two photos.

They make great, unique gifts, and it’s a cool way to show off more than one photo (especially related ones) in a single frame. As 3D wall painting for home decoration.

  • 3D Photo #1
  • 3D Photo #2
  • 3D Picture #3
  • 3D Picture #4
3D Photo #1
3D Photo #2
3D Picture #3
3D Picture #4


Materials: PP/PET
Sizes: 25*35cm, 30*40cm, 35*50cm, 40*60cm, 50*70cm, or custom size
Features: eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic
   UV printing
   Custom designs